and you are still in all of my dreams - by mizzterious.


At first sight
American Dream

Formal Stuff.

Your Words

Ich (auch noch mit knallroten Haaren ^^) und Mine

Steph's auch in da House! Hehe...

We're sooo loco... xD

Ich hab die beiden auch soooooo liiiieeeeb!

Meine erste lange Fahrt (nach Bonn) nachdem ich die Fahrprüfung bestanden habe. Yeeesssaaaa!

When i´m older, i´ll always remember it as something other and more than just a teenage romance... Maybe i won´t have to look back and remember it, because maybe, he´ll be right there with me.

Me & him again. <3

Jasmin took that picture...

She'll always be my lil Soul Sis

I know her and she knows me, cause friendship travels everywhere.

Kurz danach ging's ins Gaudi...

Ready. Steady. Go. ^.-

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