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<3 This is the Part <3

"This is the part where we start to feel better... And stop shutting up! We're all running out of time, waiting in line..." (Quote from the song "This is the Part" by Gratitude)

So what should I say? This day was just awesome... I experienced this feeling of happiness and joy which I didn't feel in a long time...

Anyway... I learned that sometimes you have to wait, but also shouldn't be too lazy to investigate some work in trying to get what you really want.
9.10.06 23:50

TiMe 2 ChiLL...?

Yippiiiieh! I took my last exam today... Fiiinally... Now there's about one month, in which we have none. xD Isn't that awesome!? Well... I guess there'll be still some tests,... but you can't have it all, right!? ;P

By the way... I didn't mention yet that I've got my drivers license! ^^ Actually it's not the "real" one because I'm not 18 yet, but at least I'm allowed to drive around with my dad or grandpa sitting next to me. :] Better than nothing, isn't it!?

Anyway... tomorrow there's gonna be the benefit performance and I'm not too confident that everything will work out well, because the practices in the last few days were a total chaos. Whatever!? We'll see... ^.-
25.10.06 21:56

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